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Hi! I’m Chris

  I love my wife Sandy, God, our new son Bryce, photography, travel, playing music on my guitar, Philadelphia Eagles football (thanks to Sandy), hot rods, chocolate, good food, and hanging out with great friends and family.

  I was born in Ohio and moved to Maryland when I was three. My dad would take me crabbing on the Severn River, and we would steam them when we got home. I can still smell the Old Bay seasoning. It was good eats.

  My parents bought me my first camera when I was twelve years old. One of my dad’s hobbies was photography, and he taught me the basics. I loved taking pictures and actually have one hanging in my office that I took back then. It is a beautiful sunset I took at a Naples beach when we were vacationing in Florida. Shortly after graduating high school, I became an auto mechanic at Ford dealership. That’s when I got the bug for hot rods. My brother introduced me to the guitar around the same time. He handed down his guitar to me, and I started playing. I’ve been in garage bands most of my life. Now, I play for the church which is a blessing.

  Sandy gave me the travel bug when we met. We love traveling and meeting new people, while capturing the beauty of the United States through our lenses.

  I was in auto finance when I met Sandy, and it was a stressful job with long hours. When we decided to start our own business, I did not realize how wonderful it would be. We are our own bosses doing what we love. We’re not just a number in someone’s company anymore. It is very gratifying making such an impact on people’s lives who love pictures of their family.