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Hi! I’m Bryce

  Doors, trains, bowling, elevators, pizza, crackers, ice cream, my I-pad, my family, Mickey Mouse, and Paw Patrol are what I would consider the main loves in my life. 

  After being born on October 5, 2013 in Fort Pierce, Florida, I suffered a brain hemorrhage from a stroke the following day. I was taken to Miami Children’s Hospital by ambulance where I was in NICU for ten days. After many prayers, tears, and pleas to God, I began to breathe on my own again and my medication made the seizures stop. 

  I am a little miracle! I survived a grade 4 IVH and developed my motor skills just like a healthy little boy. After I turned two, I started withdrawing and losing my language. In April 2016, we learned that I have autism. I am working really hard in all of my therapies and special school classes every week. I'm learning how to communicate better with words and to interact more with others. Lots of people tell me that I am a "little engineer" in the making.  

  Having Mommy and Daddy for parents is awesome! They love on me so much, take me to church, pray with me, help me with my therapies, and make our house a happy home. They really try to understand me and my world. I am so happy that God picked them to be my parents and help me on this journey!